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Well, I’ve officially had my first week of blogging failure.  It was disappointing and sad.

But it was also impossible for me to sit down and put together something that was fun, interesting, and worthy. I know: #firstworldproblems (I love hash tags, please forgive me)

Between a fresh round of wedding items to take care of and a never-ending case of the house-hunting-overwhelmed blues, life was a little hectic for us. Not to say things weren’t accomplished, just not the things we had hoped (i.e. new home of some variety)

However, good things come to those who wait. Or so I tell myself.

I digress. I hope that the things I have for you this week will [somewhat] help to excuse my absence last week.

Please enjoy responsibly.


Favorite News Headline

Anyone who isn’t living under a rock has likely heard of the gripping story out of my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

On May 6, 2013, three girls, missing for over an average of a decade, were found ALIVE! Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Regina DeJesus (along with Amanda Berry’s six year old girl) were rescued from a situation which can only be described as a living hell.

I felt a very personal connection to this story because I remember vividly the missing child posters and unanswered pleas for their safe return. The latest development is one of both joy for their safety and strength and horror at the trauma they have, and will continue to, endure.

However, CNN, I am not. Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge one of the Internet’s newest love affairs: Charles Ramsey.

Anyone who has followed any of the recent developments have undoubtedly seen Mr. Ramsey in all of his glory. He has fundraisers established in his honor, memes galore and a songified version of his initial interview that has invaded my brain and will not go away.

I’m alright with it. For now. (I’m still enjoying the song!)

Charles Ramsey

Dead Giveaway







Recipe I Can’t Wait to Try:


Fajita Popcorn with Queso Fresco by Bake Your Day



Fajita-Flavored Popcorn with Queso Fresco by Bake Your Day



Personally, I love me a savory snack. I also have a deep affinity for popcorn. This is the best of both worlds with a Mexican twist [which only adds to the mystique!]

This will not be the last you hear of this zesty little number!









Wedding Task of the Week:

I guess it could be said that I am a person who likes to be in control. I suppose it could also be said that I am an opinionated person.  Throw in a passion for music and you will get a bride in crisis.

I have some very strong opinions about music and I very much prefer to have a say in situations where music is being played. One day that I will be no less serious about this is my wedding day.

I do not want to hear the Macarena. I do not want to do the chicken dance. No, it is not fun to stay at the YMCA.

So, yes, I am compiling a rather extensive list for our [poor] DJ. One very helpful tool for this task was A Practical Wedding’s Playlist of Unexpected Parent Dance Songs

Obviously for those afflicted like me, this is just a jumping off point. But a very good one, at that. The variety of comments on this blog also make it interesting for a range of tastes.

A Pratical Wedding's Playlist of Unexpected Parent Dance Songs
















Quirk of the Week:

Phonetic Alphabet

Because you know you never get it right either.

For some reason, I’d like to use this [properly] more often…












Wedding Gift Ideas:

With wedding season fast on our heels (this seems to be the year to get married!)  I have put together a small list of items from one of my favorites sites to shop, Uncommon Goods, for the happy couple.

As a current bride-to-be, I feel somewhat qualified to compile this list.

Please note, Uncommon Good’s awesome gift ideas are in no way limited to this short list.


Personalized Wedding Crest from Uncommon Goods













Personalized Wedding Crest, $135






Personalized Wedding Nesting Bowls, Set of 2 from Uncommon Goods







Personalized Wedding Nesting Bowls, Set of 2, $145




Skyline of Love from Uncommon Goods








Custom Skyline of Love, $160




Personalized Anniversary Wine Box from Uncommon Goods








Personalized Anniversary Wine Box, $130


"It All Began" Couple Map and Monogram Set from Uncommon Goods








‘It All Began’ Couple Map and Monogram Set, $90-$160






Website to Consider:

The jury is still out on this one, folks.


Silly Black Pug









Dog Intelligence Test





Reality TV Commentary:


Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8

Anyone else into those OG Housewives from the OC? Of course, I’m referring to the wonderful ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I have loved this series since episode one! I must admit however that this season, so far, is very disappointing for me! Vicki’s new face looks like a mask of flesh, Tamra and Eddie (over it), Gretchen and Slade (ugh), Gretchen and Tamra (not buying it so much), Alexis (*finger down throat with tongue out*), and the new girl Lydia is repulsive; no personal gripes with Heather though! I smell a cast change a-brewin’!